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Elk and deer were prey; wear their skins too long, and

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"I mean that she 's not simple. She 's very strange."

Elk and deer were prey; wear their skins too long, and

Bernard's frown cleared away in a sudden, almost eager smile.

Elk and deer were prey; wear their skins too long, and

"Say at once that you dislike her! That will do capitally."

Elk and deer were prey; wear their skins too long, and

Gordon shook his head, and he, too, almost smiled a little.

"It 's not true. She 's very wonderful. And if I did dislike her, I should struggle with it. It would never do for me to dislike your wife!"

After he had gone, when the night was half over, Bernard, lying awake a while, gave a laugh in the still darkness, as this last sentence came back to him.

On the morrow he saw Blanche, for he went to see Gordon. The latter, at first, was not at home; but he had a quarter of an hour's talk with his wife, whose powers of conversation were apparently not in the smallest degree affected by anything that had occurred.

"I hope you enjoyed your visit to London," she said. "Did you go to buy Angela a set of diamonds in Bond Street? You did n't buy anything--you did n't go into a shop? Then pray what did you go for? Excuse my curiosity-- it seems to me it 's rather flattering. I never know anything unless I am told. I have n't any powers of observation. I noticed you went--oh, yes, I observed that very much; and I thought it very strange, under the circumstances. Your most intimate friend arrived in Paris, and you choose the next day to make a little tour! I don't like to see you treat my husband so; he would never have done it to you. And if you did n't stay for Gordon, you might have staid for Angela. I never heard of anything so monstrous as a gentleman rushing away from the object of his affection, for no particular purpose that any one could discover, the day after she has accepted him. It was not the day after? Well, it was too soon, at any rate. Angela could n't in the least tell me what you had gone for; she said it was for a 'change.' That was a charming reason! But she was very much ashamed of you--and so was I; and at last we all sent Captain Lovelock after you to bring you back. You came back without him? Ah, so much the better; I suppose he is still looking for you, and, as he is n't very clever, that will occupy him for some time. We want to occupy him; we don't approve of his being so idle. However, for my own part, I am very glad you were away. I was a great deal at Mrs. Vivian's, and I should n't have felt nearly so much at liberty to go if I had known I should always find you there making love to Mademoiselle. It would n't have seemed to me discreet,-- I know what you are going to say--that it 's the first time you ever heard of my wishing to avoid an indiscretion. It 's a taste I have taken up lately,--for the same reason you went to London, for a 'change.' " Here Blanche paused for an appreciable moment; and then she added--"Well, I must say, I have never seen anything so lovely as Mrs. Vivian's influence. I hope mamma won't be disappointed in it this time."

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