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Black Robin.” “Please.” The last of Merrett’s courage

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"I have been leading a very quiet life," said Bernard.

Black Robin.” “Please.” The last of Merrett’s courage

"I notice that 's what people always say when they have been particularly dissipated. What have you done? Whom have you seen that one knows?"

Black Robin.” “Please.” The last of Merrett’s courage

"I have seen some old friends of yours," he said at last. "I have seen Mrs. Vivian and her daughter."

Black Robin.” “Please.” The last of Merrett’s courage

"Ah!" Gordon made this exclamation, and then stopped short. Bernard looked at him, but Gordon was looking away; his eyes had caught some one in the crowd. Bernard followed the direction they had taken, and then Gordon went on: "Talk of the devil--excuse the adage! Are not those the ladies in question?"

Mrs. Vivian and her daughter were, in fact, seated among a great many other quiet people, in a couple of hired chairs, at the edge of the great avenue. They were turned toward our two friends, and when Bernard distinguished them, in the well-dressed multitude, they were looking straight at Gordon Wright.

"You say that as if I wished to run away," Gordon answered. "I don't want to run away; on the contrary, I want to speak to them."

"That 's easily done," said Bernard, and they advanced to the two ladies.

Mrs. Vivian and her daughter rose from their chairs as they came; they had evidently rapidly exchanged observations, and had decided that it would facilitate their interview with Gordon Wright to receive him standing. He made his way to them through the crowd, blushing deeply, as he always did when excited; then he stood there bare-headed, shaking hands with each of them, with a fixed smile, and with nothing, apparently, to say. Bernard watched Angela's face; she was giving his companion a beautiful smile. Mrs. Vivian was delicately cordial.

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